Module 2 Overview

What You’ll Learn To Do: Understand the artistic period known as the Proto-Renaissance and its impact on art history.

In Module 2 we will delve into the beginning of the Renaissance. We will cover what is known as the Proto-Renaissance. It is imperative to understand these early beginnings of the Renaissance in order to see how art evolves in later centuries.

Learning Activities

The learning activities for this module include:
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  • Review: Key Learning Items


  • Watch: Cimabue (7:29)
  • Read: Giotto’s Arena Chapel (includes four videos: 4:56, 10:13, 5:41, and 6:22)
  • Watch: Ognissanti Madonna (4:04)


  • Read: Duccio, Maesta (includes two videos: 6:23 and 4:09)
  • Watch: Lorenzetti’s Palazzo Pubblico Frescos (10:17)
  • Watch: Simone Martini’s Annunciation (4:33)

Extra Review

  • Review: External Resources


  • Submit: Module 2 Quiz (5 points)