Module 9 Overview

What You’ll Learn To Do: Examine Rococo and Neoclassical art and understand their influence on later art movements.

In Module 9 we will examine Rococo and Neoclassical art. We will look at how artists like David contributed to the development of Western art. It is imperative to understand Rococo and Neoclassical art in order to see how it impacted later artistic developments.

Learning Activities

The learning activities for this module include:Finger hovering over digital icons on a screen

  • Review: Key Learning Items

The 1700s and 1800s

  • Read: Age of Enlightenment


  • Read: Rococo Explained
  • Read: Fragonard’s The Swing (includes a video: 3:20)
  • Watch: Boucher’s Madame de Pompadour (3:05)
  • Watch: Vigee Le Brun’s Madame Perregaux (1:43)


  • Read: Introduction to Neo-Classicism
  • Read: David’s Oath of the Horatii (includes a video: 6:10)
  • Read: David’s Death of Marat (includes a video: 6:22)
  • Read: David’s Napoleon Crossing the Alps
  • Read: Antonio Canova

Britain & America in the Age of Revolution

  • Read: Benjamin West
  • Watch: Sir Joshua Reynolds (4:06)
  • Read: William Hogarth
  • Read: John Singleton Copley
  • Read: Copley’s Watson and the Shark
  • Watch: Charles Wilson Peale (4:25)
  • Read: Gilbert Stuart

Extra Review

  • Review: External Resources


  • Submit: Module 9 Quiz (5 points)