Challenge Nine: Meaning-Making

Your challenge is to leverage what you learned in this lesson to make meaning by defining your values or re-writing your story of yourself or the world.


Reflect on your values, your past, or the world and take responsibility for the type of meaning you will make in your life and in the world.


Option 1: Define Your Values

Assess your current values and ideals and use the wisdom outlined in lesson nine to intentionally create and defend a set of core values.

Option 2: Rewrite Your Story

Use the hero story structure to rethink the obstacles, problems, or pains of your life in a way that makes sense of meaning.

Option 3: Rewrite the World

Take Jonathan Haidt up on his challenge to write a “third story” that explains the history, problems, and paradoxes of the world in such a way that provides a meaningful way for you to live in it.

Go to to download a worksheet to get you started.