Challenge One: Talking to Strangers

Your first challenge is to approach a stranger and engage them in “big talk” (as opposed to “small talk”). Hear their story and ask if you can share it on Instagram with #anth101challenge1


Practice the anthropological mindset of asking questions, making connections, and trying new things.


Capturing and telling the stories of humans in compelling ways is an essential component of anthropology, and these days that means mastering multiple forms of storytelling in multiple media (photography, video, audio, as well as text).

But capturing a great story is not just capturing a good picture. You will need to practice the art of anthropology – asking questions, making connections, and trying new things. Try to move past “small talk” and into “big talk.” Ask big questions and offer your own answers too.

Try to get in a positive mindset as you approach strangers, and let that carry you through this challenge. Remember that people are different, and these differences represent the vast range of human potential and possibility.

Go to for additional photo-taking tips and “big talk” inspiration.