For Further Exploration: Earthlike Planets: Venus and Mars



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50 Years of Mars Exploration: NASA’s summary of all missions through MAVEN; good quick overview (4:08).

Magellan Maps Venus: BBC clip with Dr. Ellen Stofan on the radar images of Venus and what they tell us (3:06).

Being a Mars Rover: What It’s Like to be an Interplanetary Explorer: 2013 talk by Dr. Lori Fenton about what it’s like on the surface of Mars (1:07:24):

Our Curiosity: Mars Curiosity rover 2-year anniversary video narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson and Felicia Day (6:01):

Planet Venus: The Deadliest Planet, Venus Surface and Atmosphere: Quick tour of Venus’ atmosphere and surface (2:04):

Planetary Protection and Hitchhikers in the Solar System: The Danger of Mingling Microbes: 2009 talk by Dr. Margaret Race on preventing contamination between worlds (1:28:50):