Assignment: Types of Reading Material

Journal Entry Component #1: Types of Reading Material

To Do

  1. Select an option from the reading anthology available in this course. Pick anything that initially sounds interesting to you. Don’t read it yet!
  2. Begin Reading Journal Entry for that source.
  3. In a word processing program, start a file that you can return to repeatedly throughout this module.  Title it Reading Journal: “Name of Reading Selection.”  (For example, Reading Journal: “Multiple Intelligences”)
  4. Identify the type of reading that this source illustrates.
  5. Write a short paragraph explaining how you made that identification of type.

Worked Example

This video demonstrates how to complete this step of the Reading Journal assignment.  Note that you aren’t reading the piece yet–just scanning and getting a feel for what it contains overall.


At the end of this process, this student writes:

Reading Journal Component #1

Reading Journal: “Multiple Intelligences”

This reading selection is from a textbook.

I know this because its primary purpose seems to be to educate me.  It is fact-based, uses research, and includes a table that I can refer to later to quickly remind myself about the different types of intelligences.  The author of this writing seems to want to teach me about multiple intelligences, and doesn’t seem to expect that I know a lot about this topic already.