Assignment: Vocabulary

Journal Entry Component #4: Vocabulary

To Do

  1. From your selected reading, identify 3 words that are new to you or used in a way you’re unfamiliar with.
  2. Use whatever tool seems appropriate to define each word.  Write a paraphrase of each meaning as it is used in the selected reading.

Worked Example

The same student we’ve been following so far writes this:

Reading Journal Component 4

“Multiple Intelligences” by Fred Mednick

#1: Linguistic

From the text, it describes “linguistic intelligence” as “sensitivity to spoken and written language, the ability to learn languages, and the capacity to use language to accomplish certain goals.”

Therefore, I would describe linguistic as meaning, having to do with language.

#2: Kinesthetic

When I looked for “Kinesthetic” online, all the answers had to do with “kinesthetic learning.” defined “kinesthesia” as “The sensation of movement or strain in muscles, tendons, and joints; muscle sense.” So it seems to me that the word has more to do with movement of the body, rather than just the body itself.

Therefore, I would describe kinesthetic as a type of learning involving the movement of the body.

#3: Amoral

I recognize the word “moral,” but I didn’t know amoral before reading this. I do remember that the letter a at the beginning of a word means “without.”

Therefore, it would seem that the word amoral means without morals. The article presents this as a neutral thing, rather than a good or bad thing.