Try It: Punctuation

This activity is not graded. The text fields below are purely for self-reflection; you do not need to submit anything for this assignment.

Correct for Punctuation

The following story has several punctuation errors in it. As you read through, type a corrected version of each paragraph in the text frame below it.

619px-BaseballPart I

James looks forward to the weekend; he likes to sit at home with his newspaper, The Mercury News. On Sunday’s, the newspaper is extra large. His a big sports fan. This weeks’ sport section is about baseball. Its a special twenty page issue about the different teams. The newspaper lists where each team will hold its spring training. James is noting the times while he is reading the article. The article is called, “Winding up for the Start”. James likes to watch spring training. Because he plays baseball in high school.

Part II

The Oakland Athletics—also known as the Oakland A’s—have some strong players this year. They will be batting, running, and catching. Jame’s class schedule won’t let him attend. He wants to go; but he has to attend his classes. However this is a special opportunity

James has his parents’ permission to go. His journalism teacher will allow him to miss class if he writes a paper about “spring training.”

James asks her, “How long should it be”?

“As long as necessary” she says “to cover your subject.”

Part III

The next week, he watched two training sessions. When, he returned home he began to write about his experience. He decided to write a narrative story, the players who were practicing batting were clocking the speeds of their balls. Hideki Matsui who is from Japan was hitting balls at speeds faster than anyone else.

Part IV

James began to write his paper, but he couldn’t remember how to spell “phenomenal”. Does that word have one m or two. He decided to look it up, so he could spell it correctly in his papers. He looked it up in Merriam-Webster’s Online.

Watching the training camp was a phenomenal experience, which he’ll never forget. James enjoyed being a rookie writer for a day.