Study Guide: Cellular Respiration

Study Questions

Objective: Describe the process by which energy stored in a glucose molecule can be used by a cell.

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Study Guide Questions

  1. What is the chemical equation that describes cellular respiration?
  2. What are the “reactants” in the chemical equation from question 1?  What are the products?
  3. Where does cellular respiration take place? Be sure you know where each individual stage occurs!
  4. Name and describe the purpose of the 2 electron carriers that participate in cellular respiration.
  5. Be able to do “energy accounting” for each stage of cellular respiration.  Account for all electron carriers and ATP molecules produced.
  6. Compare and contrast the 3 stages of cellular respiration.
  7. Clearly explain the importance of OXYGEN in cellular respiration.
  8. Where does the water come from that is produced in cellular respiration?
  9. Where does the carbon dioxide come from that is produced during cellular respiration?
  10. Where does the sugar come from that is used during cellular respiration?
  11. Where does the oxygen come from that is used during cellular respiration?
  12. Exactly how is ATP made in the electron transport chain?
  13. What role do hydrogen ions play in the process of energy production?