Rose-Cheeked Laura

by Thomas Campion (1567-1620)

1  Rose-cheek’d Laura, come,
              2 Sing thou smoothly with thy beauty’s
              3 Silent music, either other
              4       Sweetly gracing.
              5  Lovely forms do flow
              6 From concent divinely framed;
              7 Heav’n is music, and thy beauty’s
              8       Birth is heavenly.
              9  These dull notes we sing
            10 Discords need for helps to grace them;
            11 Only beauty purely loving
            12       Knows no discord,
            13 But still moves delight,
            14 Like clear springs renew’d by flowing,
            15 Ever perfect, ever in them-
            16       Selves eternal.



6 concent: harmony