Application of the Theory

The Precaution Adoption Process Model can be related to all aspects of life. In particular, when an individual wants to make a change in their own behavior, they will go through this process. One specific example that is very important from a public health aspect is being overweight and making the decision to diet and exercise. The model begins with the individual being unaware of the issue. In this example, the person does not know that they are negatively affecting their body and causing their health to decline. In stage two, the individual is aware of the problem but does not wish to care about it. In the example, the person knows they are overweight but does not see it as something that needs to be addressed. The third and fourth stage regard actually making the choice to change. In stage three, the person knows that they need to go on a diet and is contemplating making the choice. In stage four, the individual has made the decision to not change their lifestyle in hopes to lose weight and lead a healthier life, and here the model will end for the time being. The individual may repeat the first four steps until they make it to stage five. In stage five, the individual has made the decision to change. Stage six begins with the individual making some changes to their lifestyle. For this example, they are starting to try and eat healthy most of the time and going to the gym. The last stage of the theory is maintenance. This means that the individual is consistently trying to maintain the change they have made. In our example, this would mean going to the gym on a regular schedule and eating healthy as part of their daily routine.