Using a model in public health does not only explain both changes and maintenance of health but it also can be used as a guiding framework for health behavior interventions. Even though health disparities continue to be a huge problem in Public Health and it is hard to completely eradicate, using model application can help health disparities in society or the United States as a whole. According to Care (2004), successful models and programs at all levels reduce health disparities by forming partnerships based on common goals to provide care, to educate, and to rebuild healthcare systems. Several basic elements reduce health disparities through the use of well-designed models provide seamless monitoring of patient care and outcomes by integrating human and information system resources (Care 2004).Lastly, although factors such as individual, family, and friends, organization, community, and government policy can affect health, understanding the social determinants of health gives a chance of public health professionals to understand what constitutes to health since the other levels some way composes of social determinants of health.