Business Law

SUNY OER Courses

SUNY OER Services offers template courses that can serve as starting points for your own development. You can mix, match, and adapt anything from the courses below quite easily.

These courses are delivered via the Lumen Learning platform, and can be integrated into your LMS (Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle) quite easily.

Additional Offerings

Beyond what’s already hosted inside the SUNY OER Services platform, many OER collections contain useful material for Business Law courses. If you have suggestions of public domain or Creative Commons content to add here, please let us know.

Title Source License Notes
Intellectual Property: Law and the Information Society Cases and Materials Duke Center for Public Domain CC BY-NC-SA Open intellectual property casebook
Oyez Project IIR Chicago-Kent College of Law CC BY-NC Archive of Supreme Court cases and system
Outline of the U.S. Legal System U.S. Department of State Public domain Overview of the U.S. legal system (somewhat outdated, but good for basics)
Docracy Special license; see terms of service Open collection of legal contracts
Business Law and Ethics Saylor CC BY Course in business law and ethics
Cautions About Business Agreements and Partnerships JerrytheFixer Standard YouTube license Video on hazards of entering into agreements and contracts w/o legal advice
List of Supreme Court Cases Wikipedia CC BY-SA Comprensive annotated list of SCOTUS cases
The Law of Mergers and Acquisitions MIT Open Courseware CC BY-NC-SA Course provides introduction to law-sensitive aspects of M&A
Landmark Cases of the U.S. Supreme Court Street Law Inc Public domain Landmark cases
2014 Supreme Court Case Summaries and Teaching Materials Street Law Inc Public domain Case summaries and teaching materials
SBA U.S. Small Business Association Public domain Resource for articles that affect business
The Environments of the Organization OpenStax CC BY Rubrics for exams and group projects in ethics
Work within the Law Various Various Textbook

If you’d like to utilize any of the above resources in your own classroom, you’re welcome to

  • link directly to them in your learning management system (LMS)
  • copy and paste these materials into any format you’d like (a page in your LMS or a Word document, etc.). Include the copyright information and attribute the source as needed
  • print out materials and distribute them in your classroom. Include the copyright information and attribute the source as needed
  • talk with SUNY OER Services about integrating them into your LMS
  • talk with SUNY OER Services about collecting them in a bound, printed version to provide through your campus bookstore
The timeline for these last two options can vary, and will be discussed as part of your consultation with SUNY OER Services. Get started with consultation services here.