General Resources for All Disciplines

This collection is intended to be a starting point for discipline-specific resources for SUNY faculty looking to transition to OER. It is an ever-evolving resource, as new material becomes available and some content grows outdated.

In addition to the more pointed pathways in the following pages, the following resources are always good for broad searches of OER content across multiple disciplines.

Single Search

Mason OER Metafinder A metasearch engine that scans 16 authoritative collections of open resources at once.

Courses and Textbooks

Open SUNY Textbooks We’re a little biased, but we find this a well-produced, well-edited, peer-reviewed, high-quality set of textbooks spanning multiple disciplines and levels of specification.
Open Textbook Library An extensive collection of OER textbooks from many publishers, searchable by discipline. Continuously updated, and includes in-depth user reviews.
BC Campus OpenEd Another extensive collection of OER textbooks and teaching resources based in British Columbia, Canada. Some offerings have Canadian adaptations. Also provides toolkits and resources for OER program development and new text publication.
OpenStax Collection of Math, Science, and Social Science textbooks. Follows a traditional textbook publication model (expert authors, professional editing, copy editing, peer review, etc.) and releases all content under a CC BY license. Instructional support materials available upon request.
Lumen Learning OER courseware – most texts also include instructional support materials such as assignments, discussion prompts, and quiz banks.
Saylor Complete courses across a wide range of disciplines, combining texts from various publishers with assignments and other instructional resources.
OER Commons Search tool for identifying subject-specific OER materials, from full courses, to textbooks, to individual lessons and videos. Recently added a course builder tool to create your own curated set of materials from their listings.
Cool4Ed California Open Online Library for Education. The next iteration of MERLOT, an OER search tool based in California.
American Institute for Mathematics Recommended open math textbooks from AIM, divided by course type.
Open Textbook Store A collection of math open texts.
OLI Online Learning Initiative from Carnegie Mellon. Open courses, accessible with free login, though there is a charge for assigning materials to a classroom. Include many interactive elements and opportunities for formative as well as summative assessment. Resources from Washington State Board of Community and Technical Colleges. Includes the very useful Open Attribution Builder, and connected to the Open Course Library. The OCL is a somewhat dated collection of high-enrollment, gen. ed. courses shared through Google Drive. While all course materials are openly licensed, some rely on publisher textbooks that were initially offered for $35 or less, but may have since gone up, or are now difficult to find.
Open Learn Resources from the Open University in Great Britain. Materials range from single lessons, to modules, to full course materials, on a wide range of subjects.


Creative Commons Search Multiple media. Search any media file marked with Creative Commons code online. Can be filtered by particular type or source (Flickr, Soundcloud, etc.)
Internet Archive Multiple media. Rich repository of public domain content. (Also home to the excellent Wayback Machine).
Flickr Images. Put in your search term and filter by “license” at the top left.
The Noun Project Images. Extensive library of icon images that is oddly addictive to search through. All CC BY.
Pixabay Images. Icons, clip art, photography, vector graphics. All CC0 (Public Domain).
Unsplash Images. Professional photography released under a generous license, though no longer fully Creative Commons licensed.
Wikimedia Commons Images, sounds, and videos.
YouTube Videos. Put in your search term, select “Filters” at the top of the results, and select “Creative Commons.” All results will be CC BY.
Vimeo Videos. Put in your search term, select “More Filters” on left, and scroll down to identify the CC license of your choice.
SoundCloud Audio. Put in your search term, select “Tracks,” then select the © “To…” option of your choice.

Research & Datasets

Gates Open Research Open access articles with CC BY licensing published out of research project funded by the Gates Foundation.


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