About This Course

Welcome to BIO103: Human Biology

BIO103: Human Biology is an introductory course which concerns the structure and function of the human body and the maintenance of homeostasis. The course is designed for non-science majors and does not fulfill the elective requirement of the LAX student.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will:

  1. List and define, in order, the main steps of the scientific method, relate these steps to an experiment and critically analyze data obtained from laboratory experiments.
  2. Relate basic structure, function and properties of cells.
  3. Focus and identify histology slides under high power (40X) objective of a compound light microscope.
  4. Locate and identify major organs of various organ systems in the human body, their parts and associated functions.
  5. Recognize the concept of homeostasis in the human body.

Schedule of topics and labs: