Concept Check

  1. What structures will a blood cell pass through as it moves through the heart from the vena cava to the aortic valve?
  2. Is exercise considered an intrinsic or extrinsic heart rate control?
  3. Where is the impulse to contract collected before being passed to the ventricles?
  4. What does the P wave of an ECG indicate? What is the heart doing when the QRS complex appears on the ECG? What is the correct term for the heart as the ECG is drawing the S-T interval: systole or diastole?
  5. Which vessels can withstand the greatest pressure? Which vessels allow for nutrient and gas exchange?
  6. What is the function of venous valves? Capillary beds?
  7. Which cardiovascular circuit delivers blood from the heart to the lungs and back to the heart?
  8. What is a stroke? Does risk of stroke increase with high blood pressure, arterial damage, or both?
  9. What are the risk factors for heart attack?
  10. What can happen if venous walls become weak?
  11. What role does lifestyle play in cardiovascular disease?