Concept Check

  1. What are the main functions of the respiratory system? What are the minor functions of this system?
  2. What structure marks the break point between the upper and lower respiratory tracts? What are the functions of the upper respiratory tract?
  3. Which laryngeal cartilage is responsible for preventing solids from entering the lower respiratory tract?
  4. How are the conducting zone and the respiratory zone different?
  5. How does the structure of the alveolar sac relate directly to its function?
  6. How does muscle activity promote inhalation and exhalation?
  7. Which dissolved gas is responsible for triggering breathing?
  8. What is the relationship between ERV, IRV, and VC?
  9. Which type of respiration is responsible for delivering oxygen to the tissues of the body: external or internal respiration?
  10. What is the force that moves oxygen from air to blood, and from blood to tissue cells?
  11. What characteristics of hemoglobin make it ideal for oxygen transport? In other words, when does hemoglobin pick up oxygen, and under what conditions does it release it?
  12. What is one positive role of carbon dioxide in the blood?
  13. How does asthma interfere with respiration?