Concept Check

  1. What is the relationship between atoms, elements, and compounds?
  2. List and state the charge and location of each subatomic particle.
  3. Distinguish between atomic number and mass number.
  4. What is an isotope and how can they be used in science?
  5. What is a chemical bond and why do they form?
  6. Define cation and anion.
  7. How does an ionic bond form?
  8. What are the different types of covalent bods?
  9. How are ionic bonds different from covalent bonds and hydrogen bonds?
  10. How are organic compounds different from inorganic compounds?
  11. List and explain the importance of water.
  12. How does salt dissolve in water?
  13. Compare and contrast acids and bases.
  14. What are buffers and why are they important to living things?
  15. How many types can carbon bond? Why is this important?
  16. What are some different functional groups and on which molecules are they typically found?
  17. List and explain the importance of the four macromolecules.
  18. What is the role of phopholipids?
  19. Why are enzymes so important to living things?
  20. What is ATP?