Concept check

  1. Define a cell.
  2. Compare and contrast the different types of microscopes.
  3. List the three parts of the cell theory.
  4. Explain the difference between hydrophilic and hydrophobic. How does this relate to a phospholipid?
  5. How is a phospholipid bilayer formed?
  6. Where are the following fluids located: intracellular fluid (ICF), extracellular fluid (ECF), and interstitial fluid (IF)?
  7. List the different components of the cell membrane.
  8. Define selectively permeable.
  9. Compare and contrast passive transport with active transport.
  10. What is osmosis and what is meant by tonicity?
  11. List and define the different types of active transport.
  12. What are the components of the cytoplasm?
  13. List and briefly describe the functions of the organelles.
  14. What are the components of the cytoskeleton?
  15. How do the three types of cell junctions differ?
  16. Define the cell cycle.
  17. List and describe the stages of mitosis.
  18. Compare and contrast meiosis and mitosis.