Concept check

  1. What is fertilization and what is the resulting cell called?
  2. What are the different stages a blastocyst formation?
  3. How does implantation occur?
  4. What are the major tissues present during gastrulation?
  5. How does the placenta develop?
  6. What is organogenesis?
  7. How does sex differentiation occur?
  8. What are some effects of hormones during pregnancy?
  9. What are some body system changed that occur during pregnancy?
  10. Explain Braxton Hicks contractions and why they occur.
  11. Explain the process of lactation.
  12. How are genotype and phenotype connected?
  13. Define homozygous and heterozygous.
  14. Explain dominant and recessive alleles.
  15. Define the following: sex-linked trait, multiple alleles, codominance, and incomplete dominance.
  16. What is a mutation?