Assessment: Reading Notebook Entry #2

Vector graphic of a bound journal with penNow that you’ve got an initial topic and viewpoint in mind, find ONE source that gives you helpful information about this topic.  This source can come from anywhere, be any length, and can be the same source you consulted for the 3 Research Topic Ideas task earlier, if you’d like.

Create an entry for your Reading Notebook that includes any or all of the following:

  • questions you had while reading
  • emotional reactions to the text
  • key terms that seem important to you
  • what you think the thesis or main idea of this source is
  • what you think the intended audience for this source is
  • how effective you think this source is
  • anything else that comes to mind


This is an informal assignment.  Your writing can be in complete sentences, or bullet points or fragments, as you see appropriate.  Editing isn’t vital for this work, though it should be proofread to the point that obvious typos or misspellings are addressed and corrected.  Target word count is 150-300 words for this entry.

Please do include the web link URL to the source you’ve chosen.  You do not have to cite it with MLA or APA citation, though you are welcome to if you want the practice.

Though it isn’t mandatory that this reading notebook entry be about the same source you choose for the Source Evaluation Essay, you may find it very useful later on if it is.