Research Essay Project Overview


In the remainder of the course ahead, you will select a topic of personal interest to you, define a controversy within that topic, and examine that controversy at length.  The final result will be a 2500-3000 word (approx. 10-12 page) persuasive research paper that argues convincingly for one side of that controversy. 

You will utilize at least 7 sources that will help you portray your argument.  These sources must be incorporated correctly, used appropriately, and cited thoroughly using MLA standards.  Sources should represent both the side that agrees with you and those that disagree with your own thesis.  Your final draft will need to incorporate at least one chart, table, or graph, as well as at least one pictorial component (photo, drawing, etc).

You will be given more detailed assignments for each portion of the project as we move through the quarter.  You’re welcome to peek ahead at upcoming modules to get a sense of what the steps leading up to the final will be.  The idea is that we do small chunks here and there, so that the last steps feel more like assembly than writing a huge paper all in one or two days.