Juno and the Paycock

Characters in the Play

Capt. Jack Boyle

Juno Boyle, his wife

Johnny Boyle

Mary Boyle

“Joxer” Daly

Mrs. Maisie Madigan

“Needle” Nugent, a tailor

Mrs. Tancred

Jerry Devine

Charles Bentham, a school teacher

An Irregular Mobilizer

Two Irregulars

A coal-block vendor

A sewing machine man

Two furniture removal men

Two Neighbors



Act I. — The living apartment of a two-roomed tenancy of the Boyle family, in a tenement house in Dublin.

Act II.—The same.

Act III.—The same.

A few days elapse between Acts I and II, and two months between Acts II and III.

During Act III the curtain is lowered for a few minutes to denote the lapse of one hour.

Period of the play, 1922.