Internal Wellness Wheel

Internal Wellness Wheel

Like the external characteristics of wellness you previously learned about, we’ve introduced four others that we’ve grouped in an Internal wellness wheel. These internal dimensions relate closely to how we each experience our individual body, mind, and spirit.

Let’s start our review of the internal wellness wheel with an overview of the Intellectual dimension of wellness.

Staying engaged in activities that stimulate your mind not only has a positive impact on brain functions, it helps you stay connected with others through conversation and shared experiences.

Be curious! Learn a new skill or study a new topic, especially something that will be challenging for your to do.

Yes, you are creative! So, explore activities that will facilitate your creativity. You’ll exercise your problem-solving skills too!

Throughout your entire life, take opportunities to learn new skills and take up a new hobby. You’ll reap the benefits and so will everyone around you as share your new talents!

Now, let’s review the Spiritual dimension.

When considering the Spiritual dimension of wellness, don’t equate it with religion. Instead, consider your worldview and the harmony you feel, or maybe don’t feel, with yourself, others, the world, and even the universe. Do you feel a sense of sacredness or a connection to a higher power? Do you wonder about the deeper meaning of life?

Each of us develops values and beliefs that we use to guide us through our lives. Accept who you are right now, yet give yourself the flexibility to grow.

Just as it’s important to be accepting of yourself, it’s important to maintain an open mind toward people who may have different beliefs than yours and not to judge them as being good or bad.

“Being present” is not an easy thing to do. However, when you are able to give your attention to what is happening now, moment by moment, you may find life flows a little more smoothly and easily. It’s about being fully engaged in the living of your life, so as those deeper meanings are revealed, you’re able to see them.

The Physical dimension is the next characteristic we’re going to explore on this internal wheel.

As we discussed earlier, the Physical component encompasses the overall health of your body and what you need to do to maintain optimal physical functioning. Are you getting enough sleep? Are you consuming too much alcohol? Do you smoke or use drugs? Lifestyle choices and self-care are important influences on this aspect of your well-being.

Nutrition plays a major role in your physical health. Be sure you’re addressing the specific nutritional needs of your body at each stage of your life.

You’re probably aware of many benefits of regular exercise. Remember to incorporate both aerobic activity and strength training into your routine. Try different kinds of exercise until you find something that you enjoy and are motivated to do.

This may be something you don’t do as often as you should. Get regular physical and dental exams. Knowing key pieces of information about your body will help you make better lifestyle decisions.

To complete our Internal wellness wheel, let’s consider the final dimension, Emotional wellness.

Don’t dismiss or ignore your emotions. By accepting them, you will be able to better express how you feel.

Think back to the discussion of “wise mind.” Try to notice the cues your body gives you about how you’re feeling and use that information to help you process your emotions.

If you’re aware of your emotions, you’ll be better able to manage them and, thus,respond to situations with more appropriate emotion and levels of feeling.

There’s a difference between being unrealistically optimistic and having a positive attitude toward life. The latter will help you respond to emotional situations more effectively.

Our Internal wellness wheel is complete!

Now that you know how state of well-being is affected by these different dimensions, remember that what we strive to achieve is balance between all these dimensions of our life. Achieving balance is an ongoing process that you must ACTIVELY engage in! When there is balance between these two wheels, it’s possible to experience an optimal state of wellness.