3.7 Sample Discussion Forum: The Right Person for the Job

How Do You Hire the Right Person for the Job?

As you can see from your reading, it is important to identify the right fit between the requirements for a job and

  1. ccording to business journalists Pete Engardio and Dexter Roberts, the scariest three words that a U.S. manufacturer can hear these days are the China price. What is The China Price? “In general, it means 30% to 50% less than what you can possibly make something for in the U.S. In the  worst cases, it means below your cost of materials. Makers of apparel, footwear, electric appliances, and plastics products, which have been shutting U.S. factories for decades, know well the futility of trying to match the China price. It has been a big factor in the loss of 2.7 million manufacturing jobs  since 2000. Meanwhile, America’s deficit with China keeps soaring to new records.
  1. Go to the Internet and research active job postings. Look at no less than two job posting sites and view a variety of different job descriptions. Look specifically at the job requirements and the skills required. Consider the different levels of detail provided.
  2. Select a current job posting that is well written, and is of interest to you. Copy the url of the posting.
  3. Post to the Discussion Board, consider the detailed description of the “Big Five Personality Traits” from your reading in the context of the job that you have identified. Describe how EACH of the traits should be considered when evaluating candidates. Finally, identify one trait that is or is not a match to your personality and your ability to fill the job successfully. Create a discussion post that includes the following information:
      • The job title and url for the job that you selected. (Note: url is the web address and is something that you can copy directly from your web browser when you are viewing the job posting.)
      • Your summary of the consideration for each of the Big 5 Personality Traits
      • Your reflection on your match for the job when considering one personality trait
  4. Comment on the post of two peers, having reviewed their postings. Specifically, comment on how well or how poorly one of your personality traits aligns with the job posting that your classmate has analyzed.

Note: There are two different due dates for this assignment. One for completing you initial post, and one for the deadline to comment on a classmate’s post.