Course Learning Activities

Course Learning Activities:

Homework Problems: There are assigned problems for each chapter.

Discussion Forums: There is a discussion forum for each module.  This is the way you interact with the other students over the content of the textbook. 

Exams: There will ba an exam in each module.

Reflective Blogs:  You are asked to write about and discuss the most important things that you are learning in each module, and the impact the knowledge you are learning will have on your values, attitudes, beliefs  behavior and your career.

Talk with the Professor: There is an ungraded “Talk with the Professor” Forum. In this area I may ask discussion questions about issues which I feel haven’t been fully explored in the chapter forums. Also, in this area you may ask me questions, which I will respond to. Most often, I expect these questions (mine and yours) will be related to the discussions or the textbook – but no relevant topic is “off-limits.” You should check this area each time you log on and participate in these discussion threads if and when they arise.

Extra Credit / Make-up Work / Incomplete Grades:

  1. The requirements in this course require frequent participation and cooperation with the other students. There are no substitutes for these requirement, and I do not accept “extra credit” or “alternative credit” assignments.
  2. Also, there is no way to “go back” after a discussion forum or blog has ended to “make-up” missed discussion activity.  Posting to a discussion forum that has ended is like talking in an empty classroom – there is no benefit to you or to the class.
  3. Finally, an incomplete in the course is not appropriate, as there is no way to complete the course once it has ended and all of the other students are gone.