The four chat rooms…

  1. Social Hour:  This is a social chat room.  Just like you would socialize with your friends and acquaintances if you were taking this course on campus – so you can here.
  2. Get it out of your system!:  Use this chat room to complain about the course, the professor, the assignments, the work load, etc.  I will monitor this area, and – who knows – maybe your complaint will clue me in on a way to improve the course.
  3. Make it a better world – one course at a time!:  Maybe you have a suggestion to improve the course – but it really isn’t a gripe.  I’ll take your suggestions under consideration.  Perhaps future generations of students will benefit from your suggestion!
  4. Laughter is the Best Medicine!:  Got a good joke – or a funny story to share?  Sometimes you just need to take a laugh break!