Assignment: Regional Integration

Regional Integration Module

At its most basic level, countries want to encourage the growth of their domestic businesses by expanding trade with other countries—primarily by promoting exports and encouraging investment in their nations. Borders that have fewer rules and regulations can help businesses expand easier and more cheaply. While this sounds great in theory, economists as well as businesspeople often ignore the realities of the political and sociocultural factors that impact relationships between countries, businesses, and people.

Discussion Board Assignment: 

Based on what you have read so far about “Culture and Business” select one regional trading bloc. (There is a link provided to help you identify a trading bloc). You may want to use Hofstedes cultural dimensions at

Your discussion should address the following questions:

  1. Discuss the economic motivations for the group of countries in the trading bloc to form an agreement.
  2. Do you think the countries in the trading bloc you selected are likely to have cross-cultural similarities or differences?
  3. Do you think countries with distinctively different cultural, historical, and economic histories can effectively enter into a trade agreement?