Global Marketing

As consumers we are constantly flooded with marketing – from pop-up ads on our PC’s, television, radio (even Pandora has ads!) … everywhere we look someone is marketing something to us to try and get us to part with our hard earned money in exchange for the product, good or service. Well, for marketers inside of the U.S. that’s relatively straightforward – but, how do you market laundry detergent to people living in Norway? Not so simple! There have been literally hundreds of failed global marketing attempts and not all of the companies recovered what they lost. So, now¬†we will look at the traditional components of the marketing mix but from a global perspective!



After you complete the required assignments you will be able to:

  • Explain the 4 P’s of Marketing in the context of a global business environment
  • Discuss the importance of Research and Development in reaching international markets
  • Explain the challenges of managing operations on a global scale.