Assessment: Reading Notebook Entry #3

Vector graphic of a bound journal with penSo far, the research you’ve done has been primarily text-based: written work on the page or the computer screen.  One of the requirements for the Annotated Bibliography, however, is to find at least one video or audio source that relates to your research topic.  Let’s prepare for that by locating an interesting-looking one, now.

Sources to consider for good audio/ video sources are iTunes, iTunesU, YouTube, and TED Talks.  This is just a starting point, of course.  The school library has a great collection of DVDs and audio recordings that’s worth exploring, as well.


After you’ve found an audio or video source and watched/listened to it, complete your next Notebook Entry. It should include any or all of the following:

  • Title, speaker, link to file, and other relevant information so I can find it
  • questions you had while listening/watching
  • emotional reactions to the source
  • key terms that seem important to you
  • what you think the thesis or main idea of this source is
  • what you think the intended audience for this source is
  • how effective you think this source is
  • how watching or listening differs from reading, in terms of effectiveness of presentation



This is an informal assignment.  Your writing can be in complete sentences, or bullet points or fragments, as you see appropriate.  Editing isn’t vital for this work, though it should be proofread to the point that obvious typos or misspellings are addressed and corrected.  Target word count is 150-300 words for this entry.