A Typical Body Paragraph Pattern

(Remember, though, that this is not a formula. Vary your paragraphs, sentences, details, appeals, etc.)
  1. Transition.
  2. Topic sentence. This is your own. Avoid starting w/quote
  3. Signal phrase: This is the setup for source use (1-3 sentences)
  4. Source use (quote then cite, or paraphrase one sentence then cite)
  5. Direct interpretation of the quote’s words or the paraphrase’s meaning(s) (1-4 sentences, right?)
  6. Analyze, interpret, challenge, elaborate on, evaluate the cited material.

If you have space you might reproduce 3-5 all over again with another bit of cited material.

7. Craft a paragraph closing/transition/restated topic sentence/link to thesi

Make sure you nearly always end the paragraph on your own.