Annotated Bibliography Assignment


Create a working bibliography. Working bibliographies are glorified works cited pages, consisting of a MLA works cited entry and a brief summary of how you will use the source.  You must have at least eight sources of the proper type, explanations for how they’ll be used, and brief summaries of every source in your words.  Go one by one through the sources, then, and don’t number your alphabetized entries.

You will need to include both a works cited entry and a short summary of the source’s usefulness to get credit here. You may use notes or fragments when summarizing how you’ll use the source.

Questions You May Wish to Pose & Answer

How am I going to use your source?
Where in the paper might I use this source?
Does this source have information on my side, the other side(s), or both?
What major point will information from this source serve? Is the information current? Are the author’s points logical?
What bias does my source have?
What would readers need to know about where/how this information was derived?
Why is the author credible? She is credible because____________.


Anticipating and answering questions like this is an important part of the working bibliography. 

Do not use the wording of any abstracts in your summaries of the sources’ usefulness.

Each source gets its own works cited entry and commentary.  Do not number the entries.

If you get sources after this, of course those can be added to the paper.