Essay 5: Argument

Essay 5: Argument

Writing Assignment

View the film I’m Not There and write a three-page essay analyzing the characters, conflicts, or events it shows.  The film basically splits the complex personality of singer Bob Dylan into six parts, each played by a character.  As with the previous film, there are plenty of things to say about how the film is shot.  Use both the film and at least one of the Bb articles (located in Unit 5); you must cite from each to earn passing credit.

You are writing to convince readers that your statement about the film is valid.  That thesis statement should argue a point of view about the film.  For instance, you might argue that the film’s use of a certain actor is its important characteristic.  You might argue that rebellion is the major theme of the film.  You could argue that the film is centered around images of the past (and then explain how these work).  Let me know if you have trouble with the thesis.

Indicate your purpose to readers (as usual, without using “you” or “I”).  Include an arguable thesis about the film.


Choose your sources from:

I’m Not There

Blackboard articles I provide


Inform and persuade readers.  You are arguing that what you include in the essay is what should be written about the topic.  This is an objective essay, so avoid overusing “I.”


Your instructor and classmates are your audience.  They have seen the video; do not retell plot.


The essay needs a clear thesis.  Start with a rough working thesis and clarify it.  Place your thesis in a strategic spot; reword the thesis in the conclusion.