Sample Argument of Classification

ENG 100                                                                                                                  Mr. Dickinson

Essay 2: Classification (750 Points)

Your Task

Write a 3-page classification argument with an arguable, provable thesis claim.  Avoid using any outside sources for this assignment.  Choose one of the following topics:

A) Write your own classification of “types of” men or women who are “not real” in a genre of film, television, video, or video games that you like to watch/play anyway. Be sure to explain what you like (or at least find fascinating) about this genre.

B) Classify the types of video game antagonists.

C) What types of errors lead to catastrophic airplane crashes? Classify the types of errors that lead to crashes in an arguable fashion that covers all of the topic with no overlaps.

D) What types of television dads exist?

E) What types of people are able to live within the Adirondack Park?

Essays must meet the page count and source requirements to earn passing credit. See the Course Schedule for due dates.

MLA Format

Essays with incorrect MLA format will lose at least one letter grade. Have correct page numbering, taking out any extra spaces between lines or around the title or heading, and including a proper MLA heading.  A work (since there is only one source being used) cited page is required. Follow your required MLA essay format.  Not following MLA will lead to an automatic letter-grade (or more) penalty.

OWL at Purdue’s Writing Lab has current MLA models.

The proper Paragraph menu settings in Word are as follows:

Figure 1 Proper Paragraph Menu Settings in Word


Your academic audience is your classmates and professor. They know the basics of the topic.


Decide upon an arguable point you can prove in this few pages.  Ideally, the thesis includes the reasons (premises) for your claim.  As the chapter intro shares, good classification pieces avoid overlap and state the basis for covering 100% of the topic.

Plagiarism Issue

Quoted words must be put into quotations; otherwise, readers assume the words are yours. If they aren’t, then a plagiarism situation arises, even if there is a parenthetical citation. Be careful.

Paraphrases must be reworded and reordered fully to avoid plagiarism. Specific summaries also require citations.