Sample Essay Assignment: Neuromancer

Essay 1: Neuromancer

(750 points)


Write a three‐to‐four‐page literary analysis on one of the following topics. For support, cite Neuromancer as well as at least two scholarly library database articles, ebooks, or books. Use Arial or Times New Roman (10 or 12 point) font. Have no extra spaces between paragraphs. Only papers in MLA format will be accepted. For passing credit, you must include parenthetical citations and a works cited page. See MLA Documentation site (on its library website) for more help. Papers will lose at least a letter grade for citation or format errors.

Topics (Choose One)

  1. Science fiction often concerns itself with the unavailability of meaningful action in a crazy world. How do Case’s actions represent both the meaningful and the absurd?
  2. How do Asian and Rastafarian cultures get used purposefully in Neuromancer?
  3. How does the transcendental nature of technology get shown in Neuromancer? Defend an arguable claim.
  4. How does AI get shown creatively in Gibson’s novel? Why does AI matter?

Using solid logic and close analysis of textual evidence, provide a series of well‐proved reasons that are related to your thesis. Like your quotes, your major points should be connected logically to the thesis. You must cite summaries, paraphrases, or quotes.


Your audience knows the texts, so avoid plot retelling. Avoid chronological organization. Show your own organizational style, in order to convince your audience. Unless strongly supported, your opinion will not count for much with these good readers.


Include your arguable claim in your introduction. Typically, writers lead up to this statement. A thesis is a provable opinion about which reasonable people may disagree. Make a worthwhile, provable claim about the texts. You decide what is worthwhile—just remember to avoid proving a basic fact. For example, proving that a guy Oedipus got punished tells us little. Nobody would argue this, right? Go for significant why and how issues relating to the material.

Format and Strategy

Remember that “analysis” means “a breaking up,” so avoid following the chronological order of the plot.

Interpret the specifics of quotes you use. More of you need to deal with the words in the quotes. Work to make the meaning of the quote evident to your reader. Relate it to your paragraph topic—or relate the paragraph topic back to the thesis. If it is important enough to be used, the quote must have clear, logical interpretation.

Avoid contractions. Use present tense. Avoid fragments in explanations. While we use MLA pagination for the works cited, it is not consider a page. Write enough full pages and then add a works cited page.