About This Book


Space Mythos: Science Fiction is a March 2020 OER designed to accompany other novels in an introductory science fiction course.  The Lumen course shell is adapted from my American Literature 1 OER, which in turn was created from materials originally developed by the State Board of Community Technical Colleges (SBCTC) of Washington State.  So this is a modified version of the Lumen American Literature I text. The original version of this book was released under a CC-BY license and is copyrighted by Lumen Learning.

The changes to this book listed are released under a CC-BY-SA license and are copyright by Joshua Dickinson of Jefferson Community College in Watertown, NY.  I also adapted a Writer’s Handbook resource for the College that goes into far more depth in coverage of the writing process and MLA style.  Other OERs I created may be of use in teaching the writing process and are included at: https://sunyjefferson.libguides.com/JCCOERtextbooks

Notes on Using This OER

Where possible, I listed URLs so that users of print copies of the text could locate the source.  Any of the resources could be located through an author or title search.  Alternately, adding “PDF” or looking in Advanced Searches under .edu domains often turns up the resources.

You are free to use, modify or adapt any of this material providing the terms of the Creative Commons licenses are adhered to.  It is a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA) designation.

I teach the texts through a Learning Management System (usually Blackboard), so I have in-class activities, exercises, discussion prompts, tests and essays which are available upon request.  My contact information is jdickinson@sunyjefferson and my office number is (315) 786-2221.

While the readings are predominately science fictions classics, I adopt a more diverse approach than the make-up of the authors may suggest.  That focus on feminist, postcolonial, myth critical, and New Historical approaches is best approached–at least for me–with longer works.