The process of viewing all people as cisgender, or having their gender align with sex assigned at birth.
coming out
Also known as “coming out of the closet”—a process in the lives of LBGTQ people, of disclosing one’s sexual orientation or gender identity to others.
Gay Straight Alliance
a.k.a GSA. Student/teacher run organizations where LGBTQ+ youth and allies meet to support LGBTQ students. This can involve advocacy and activism, as well as a social component.
The process of viewing all people as heterosexual, or having “opposite” sex attraction.
identity recognition
When LGBTQ+ individuals first identity their sexual or gender identity.
Formerly standing for “Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays” but now just known by the acronym PFLAG, an organization that supports the family and friends of LGBTQ people as they seek to understand and affirm their LGBTQ loved ones.
Title IX
A federal law banning discrimination based on sex at schools receiving federal funding. This includes harassment and discrimination for failing to conform to gender expectations. This is interpreted to often include LGBTQ+ persons.
The process of evolving from sex assigned at birth to gender identity.