Introduction to Segmentation and Targeting

What you’ll learn to do: briefly explain the concepts of segmentation and targeting

We have established that the customer is at the center of marketing and arguably of business, as well. How do businesses find and communicate with customers?

Let’s think about a couple of realities in the business world. First, every organization has limited resources. Organizations simply cannot do everything and be all things to all people. They have to prioritize and choose. Second, marketing is always most effective when it’s relevant to the potential customer. How can an organization create the right products, services, messages and experiences for a potential customer? Answer: through segmentation and targeting.

The starting point for understanding your potential customer is figuring out exactly whom you want to reach. That process is called segmentation. The next step is focusing on those customer segments that are most promising customers. That’s where targeting comes in. Targeting helps organizations use their resources wisely and customize what they do much more specifically for those who will see the greatest value from their offering.