Exploring MCC Technology

Important MCC Technology

Are you able to complete the following tasks related to MCC technology?

  • Send an email though MCC Outlook?
  • Open and send attachments on Outlook?
  • Use the M-drive?
  • Use the S-drive?
  • Properly remove a flash drive?
  • Print a document using PaperCut?
  • Look at the schedule of courses for next semester or register for classes?
  • Sign in to MyMCC portal?
  • Check on Financial Aid?
  • Find your courses in MyMCC?
  • Submit an assignment in Blackboard?
  • Navigate Zoom?
  • View grades in Blackboard?
  • Navigate the MCC Website?
  • Use the A-Z index?
  • Find a professor’s contact information on the Employee Directory?

Work on these skills throughout the semester and be prepared to demonstrate them in the future.The information below can help you.

Student Email

Monroe Community College considers MCC’s student email system, Outlook, (Microsoft Office365) as an official means of communication. MCC will use the system to notify students of college-related business and to share general information of importance to students. To ensure the effectiveness of the email system, the following conditions are set forth:

  • The College will consider students to be informed and in receipt of correspondence sent to their MCC email account.
  • MCC will direct official communications to students’ MCC email accounts. Students are responsible for reading their college email on a regular basis and for recognizing that certain communications are time-sensitive.
  • Students who choose to have the MCC email forwarded to a personal account do so at their own risk. The College is not responsible for any difficulties that may occur in the proper or timely transmission of, or access to, MCC email forwarded to a personal email account. Any such problems will not absolve a student of their responsibilities to know and comply with the content of official email communications sent to the student’s MCC email account.
  • Access to and use of the MCC student email system is considered a critical service at the College. The MCC Code of Conduct for Users of College Computer Systems applies to the student email system. The College reserves the right to immediately withdraw access and use of student email when there is reason to believe that violations of the Code of Conduct have occurred. In such cases, the alleged violation will be referred to the Vice President of Student Services for further investigation and adjudication under the College’s Conduct Regulation procedures.
  • Students with a disability who are unable to access their email account may request support from the Office for Students with Disabilities.
  • Communication via the MCC student email system is subject to the same public information, privacy, and records retention laws as other forms of communication. Redirecting of MCC email by students to outside accounts and the sharing of messages with third parties may negate the privacy protection rights afforded to the College.

The Code of Conduct for Users of College Computer Systems contains information about use of computers at MCC.

Explore MCC Technology: File Storage

Develop a plan for organizing your paper and electronic files.

For paper files, decide how you want to keep track of class handouts, assignments you are working on, and materials you’ll need to study.

  • What will you use for note-taking?
  • How will you know what notes you need for each test?
  • How will you keep materials for each class separate and organized, so you can easily access what you need when you need it?
  • When will you assess how your system is working?

For electronic files, consider how you will file and save your work.

  • Flash drives are a convenient way to save your electronic files because they are portable and can be used in many electronic devices. One downside of flash drives is that they can corrupt making the files inaccessible.
  • The S-drive is a great place to store information on any MCC computer you log in to. You will find the S-drive in Files Explorer on the computer. It is labeled with your name. When you open the S-drive, you’ll see the semesters you have been enrolled and for each semester the courses you are taking. The S-drive is a convenient place to store files on campus, but it is not always easy to access the S-drive from home.
  • Another way students save files they are working on is by emailing themselves the documents as attachments. That way, they have access to the documents anywhere they have email access. Keep in mind that you can’t automatically save to an email attachment. You need to first save the revised document to the computer and then send the document to yourself again as a new attachment.

Consider saving your work in multiple places to avoid last minute panic because your flash drive corrupted or you can’t access the S-drive at home. So, what’s your plan for organizing electronic documents? How will you be sure you have access to what you need to work on or present to class, when you need it?

 MCC Tech Guide: What Every Student Needs to Know

Campus Wireless (Wifi)

wifi icon

Want to connect to Wireless on your own device? Select MCC-Crypto and log in using your MCC username and password. Troubleshooting: www.monroecc.edu/go/wireless.

Navigate the MCC Website

Bookmark the MCC Website homepage at www.monroecc.edu.

Refer to the Current Students tab for pages students use frequently or see the A-Z tab for a full alphabetical list.



Look for quick links to key information at the foot of the homepage. You’ll see similar quick links at the foot of each page in myMCC.


Class Schedule: http://www.monroecc.edu/classes/. Click on Master Schedule for details.
College Directory: http://bit.ly/mccdirectory
MCC FAQ’s: www.monroecc.edu/ask

Log in to myMCC

Go to my.monroecc.edu to log in with your MCC email and password.
Not working? Try https://mcc.open.suny.edu or see this link: http://bit.ly/mccloginhelp

Recommended browsers: Chrome, Firefox. More on browsers: http://bit.ly/mymccbrowser


Once logged in, use the Students tab and lower sub-tabs to find important information.

Use MCC Email

Image of student email icon in blackboardOutlook email is MCC’s official mode of communication.
Check often by:

Passwords expire every 180 days! To reset your password: https://account.monroecc.edu/.

Organize your email (Video, 4 min): http://bit.ly/outlookorganize
Set up your calendar (Video, 3 min): http://bit.ly/outlookcalendar

My Courses in myMCC

Many professors require you to use My Courses (also called Blackboard) to access class content, assignments, tests, grades, and instructor email.

Find your courses in the myMCC Students tab under the My Courses sub-tab starting 7 days before classes begin.

Submit work (video, 1 min) http://bit.ly/mccsubmitwork
View grades (video, 1 min): http://bit.ly/mccfindbbgrades

Some professors use the M-drive instead of Blackboard. To get to the M-drive:

My Account and Starfish

Register for Classes and find information about Financial Aid in the myMCC Students tab under the My Account sub-tab.



Starfish is MCC’s student early alert system.
Make an appointment with an advisor using Starfish.
Use the Student Home or Starfish sub-tabs for more information.

Create and Organize Files

Submit assignments in Blackboard as Word, PDF, or PPT files. If using other programs, convert files before submitting. Convert Google Docs to PDF (video, 1.5 min.): http://bit.ly/convertdocs


MCC students can install up to 5 instances of Microsoft Office 365: www.monroecc.edu/go/office365

Know where to save your work and have a backup plan!
Saving and sharing documents in Word 2016 (video, 4 min.): http://bit.ly/wordsaving
Basic File Management for Windows (video, 5 min.):  http://bit.ly/storingfiles

S-drive: Save documents on the S-drive to use from any computer on campus. You’ll see folders for each of your courses and for “My Documents.” “My Documents” will be backed up as long as your student account is active, so you should move course folders to “My Documents” after each semester. Map your S-drive to a personal computer: http://bit.ly/mccsdrive

Flash Drives: If you save your work on a flash drive, eject it properly and keep it in a safe place.
Properly eject a flash drive – Windows 10 (video, 30 seconds) – http://bit.ly/mccflashpc
Properly eject a flash drive – MAC (video, 1 minute) – http://bit.ly/mccflashmac

Print Documents Using Papercut

You receive $15 print credit per semester. Print from any campus computer by logging on to PaperCut with your MCC network account and password to release your print jobs. Instructions (including printing from laptops and printing in color): http://libguides.monroecc.edu/printing

More Ways to Access Your Content

Access alternative files for all documents in your My Courses area. For example, you can download an audio (mp3) version of a text document so you can listen to it on the go. It’s easy to do. Simply log into any course in My Courses and look for the download icon. Just choose the version that is best for your needs!

Watch a 1min video: http://bit.ly/studentallyformats 

MCC Mobile App: http://bit.ly/monroeccapp
Blackboard Mobile App: http://bit.ly/bbappinfo
For school, select: SUNY-Monroe Community College-Blackboard Learn

CircleIn: Instructions http://bit.ly/circleinmcc Access: https://app.circleinapp.com/

Build Your Computer Literacy Skills

If you are new to using a computer and its applications, there are many resources that can help you get your computer skills up to speed!

Take an MCC course on Computer Literacy! http://bit.ly/crc101complit

Using Zoom

MCC has a college-wide license to Zoom. Zoom is a web conferencing platform.  To activate your account, go to our Zoom website at https://monroecommunity.zoom.us/ and login with MCC email and password.

Visit Best Practices for Using Zoom for tutorials and instructions. Some classes may require that your MCC Zoom account is set up.


Questions about MCC accounts and systems (including passwords)?

Check the Technology Help sub-tab in the myMCC Students tab or contact:
STUDENT TECH HELP DESK: www.monroecc.edu/go/studenttechhelp

Email: technologyhelp@student.monroecc.edu Call: 292-TECH (292-8324) Option1

Questions about My Courses (submitting work, Blackboard app, finding grades, etc.)?

Check the Open SUNY Knowledge Base http://bit.ly/bbsunyhelp or contact:
Open SUNY Help Desk: https://navigator.suny.edu/content/current-students
Email: OpenSUNYHelp@suny.edu Call: 1-844-OPENSUNY (1-844-673-6786)
Hours: M-Th 8am-9pm, F 8am-5pm, Sa 10am-5pm, Su 1pm-9pm (EST)

Thinking of taking an online course?

Online Learning Orientation: In the myMCC Students tab under the Technology Help sub-tab. Click on Get Started. http://bit.ly/olorientation
Virtual Campus: https://www.monroecc.edu/depts/distlearn/