Discussion: How is the Economy?

Respond to the following prompts in a post with a minimum of 250 words, then comment on at least TWO other posts. Respond to the posts indicating your agreement or disagreement with their position and why. Feel free to bring in additional references to these reply posts.

  • How has the U.S. economy been doing in recent years? Why do you think that is? Gather relevant economic statistics, such as the growth rate of real GDP, the unemployment rate, and the inflation rate, to support your case. (Hint: use the information we’ve covered and you’ve researched in the data project about GDP, business cycles, unemployment, and inflation to build your argument).
  • Did any of the data from the project surprise you? Which data? Why? Does this data indicate a growing, stagnant or declining economy? What does this data tell you about the health of our economy? Why?
  • Find a current news or journal article that describes our current economy and that supports your opinion. Summarize the article and indicate how it supports your opinion. Use sound economic reasoning.