About the Atlas of Comparative Anatomy

The Atlas of Comparative Anatomy began as a class project at SUNY Oneonta in 2017 because of the lack of a comprehensive freely-accessible photographic atlas. The majority of entries in this atlas were produced by students including dissection, photography, and identification. It is a work in progress, but we hope that students of anatomy find this a useful tool for studying anatomy outside of the lab.


Alexandra Caffrey

Jessica Carson

Christina Chumpitazi

Kristin Conroy

Jarred Epps
Morgan Gray

Skylar Jackson

Sisina Machiarelli

Kelsey Murdock

Brittany Riddick

Kristen Roosa

Jaclyn Ruhl

Daniel Saugar

Elizabeth Swislosky

Destiny Woodson

Edited by Elizabeth Swislosky and Kristen Roosa

Acknowledgements: Ed Beck (SUNY Oneonta), Kimberly Chessler (Lumen Learning)

The authors are interested in learning who adopts this tool for their course. If you do, please email Dr. Kristen Roosa at Kristen.Roosa@oneonta.edu.

Photographed specimens were prepared by and purchased from Bio Corporation, Alexandria, MN.