Units Used in Physics (Fundamental units in bold)
Quantity Common Symbol Unit Unit in Terms of Base SI Units
Acceleration [latex] \overset{\to }{a} [/latex] m/s2 m/s2
Amount of substance n mole mol
Angle [latex] \theta ,\varphi [/latex] radian (rad)
Angular acceleration [latex] \overset{\to }{\alpha } [/latex] rad/s2 s−2
Angular frequency [latex] \omega [/latex] rad/s s−1
Angular momentum [latex] \overset{\to }{L} [/latex] [latex] \text{kg}·{\text{m}}^{2}\text{/s} [/latex] [latex] \text{kg}·{\text{m}}^{2}\text{/s} [/latex]
Angular velocity [latex] \overset{\to }{\omega } [/latex] rad/s s−1
Area A m2 m2
Atomic number Z
Capacitance C farad (F) [latex] {\text{A}}^{2}·{\text{s}}^{4}\text{/}\text{kg}·{\text{m}}^{2} [/latex]
Charge q, Q, e coulomb (C) [latex] \text{A}·\text{s} [/latex]
Charge density:
    Line [latex] \lambda [/latex] C/m [latex] \text{A}·\text{s/m} [/latex]
    Surface [latex] \sigma [/latex] C/m2 [latex] \text{A}·{\text{s/m}}^{2} [/latex]
    Volume [latex] \rho [/latex] C/m3 [latex] \text{A}·{\text{s/m}}^{3} [/latex]
Conductivity [latex] \sigma [/latex] [latex] \text{1/}\text{Ω}·\text{m} [/latex] [latex] {\text{A}}^{2}·{\text{s}}^{3}\text{/kg}·{\text{m}}^{3} [/latex]
Current I ampere A
Current density [latex] \overset{\to }{J} [/latex] A/m2 A/m2
Density [latex] \rho [/latex] kg/m3 kg/m3
Dielectric constant [latex] \kappa [/latex]
Electric dipole moment [latex] \overset{\to }{p} [/latex] [latex] \text{C}·\text{m} [/latex] [latex] \text{A}·\text{s}·\text{m} [/latex]
Electric field [latex] \overset{\to }{E} [/latex] N/C [latex] \text{kg}·\text{m/A}·{\text{s}}^{3} [/latex]
Electric flux [latex] \text{Φ} [/latex] [latex] \text{N}·{\text{m}}^{2}\text{/}\text{C} [/latex] [latex] \text{kg}·{\text{m}}^{3}\text{/A}·{\text{s}}^{3} [/latex]
Electromotive force [latex] \epsilon [/latex] volt (V) [latex] \text{kg}·{\text{m}}^{2}\text{/A}·{\text{s}}^{3} [/latex]
Energy E,U,K joule (J) [latex] \text{kg}·{\text{m}}^{2}{\text{/s}}^{2} [/latex]
Entropy S J/K [latex] \text{kg}·{\text{m}}^{2}{\text{/s}}^{2}·\text{K} [/latex]
Force [latex] \overset{\to }{F} [/latex] newton (N) [latex] \text{kg}·{\text{m/s}}^{2} [/latex]
Frequency f hertz (Hz) s−1
Heat Q joule (J) [latex] \text{kg}·{\text{m}}^{2}{\text{/s}}^{2} [/latex]
Inductance L henry (H) [latex] \text{kg}·{\text{m}}^{2}{\text{/A}}^{2}·{\text{s}}^{2} [/latex]
Length: [latex] \ell ,L [/latex] meter m
    Displacement [latex] \text{Δ}x,\text{Δ}\overset{\to }{r} [/latex]
    Distance d, h
    Position [latex] x,y,z,\overset{\to }{r} [/latex]
Magnetic dipole moment [latex] \overset{\to }{\mu } [/latex] [latex] \text{N}·\text{J/T} [/latex] [latex] \text{A}·{\text{m}}^{2} [/latex]
Magnetic field [latex] \overset{\to }{B} [/latex] [latex] \text{tesla}(\text{T})=({\text{Wb/m}}^{2}) [/latex] [latex] \text{kg/A}·{\text{s}}^{2} [/latex]
Magnetic flux [latex] {\text{Φ}}_{\text{m}} [/latex] weber (Wb) [latex] \text{kg}·{\text{m}}^{2}\text{/A}·{\text{s}}^{2} [/latex]
Mass m, M kilogram kg
Molar specific heat C [latex] \text{J/mol}·\text{K} [/latex] [latex] \text{kg}·{\text{m}}^{2}{\text{/s}}^{2}·\text{mol}·\text{K} [/latex]
Moment of inertia I [latex] \text{kg}·{\text{m}}^{2} [/latex] [latex] \text{kg}·{\text{m}}^{2} [/latex]
Momentum [latex] \overset{\to }{p} [/latex] [latex] \text{kg}·\text{m/s} [/latex] [latex] \text{kg}·\text{m/s} [/latex]
Period T s s
Permeability of free space [latex] {\mu }_{0} [/latex] [latex] {\text{N/A}}^{2}\text{=}(\text{H/m}) [/latex] [latex] \text{kg}·{\text{m/A}}^{2}·{\text{s}}^{2} [/latex]
Permittivity of free space [latex] {\epsilon }_{0} [/latex] [latex] {\text{C}}^{2}\text{/N}·{\text{m}}^{2}\text{=}(\text{F/m}) [/latex] [latex] {\text{A}}^{2}·{\text{s}}^{4}\text{/kg}·{\text{m}}^{3} [/latex]
Potential V [latex] \text{volt}(\text{V})=(\text{J/C}) [/latex] [latex] \text{kg}·{\text{m}}^{2}\text{/A}·{\text{s}}^{3} [/latex]
Power P [latex] \text{watt}(\text{W})=(\text{J/s}) [/latex] [latex] \text{kg}·{\text{m}}^{2}{\text{/s}}^{3} [/latex]
Pressure p [latex] \text{pascal}(\text{Pa})=({\text{N/m}}^{2}) [/latex] [latex] \text{kg/m}·{\text{s}}^{2} [/latex]
Resistance R [latex] \text{ohm}(\text{Ω})=(\text{V/A}) [/latex] [latex] \text{kg}·{\text{m}}^{2}{\text{/A}}^{2}·{\text{s}}^{3} [/latex]
Specific heat c [latex] \text{J/kg}·\text{K} [/latex] [latex] {\text{m}}^{2}{\text{/s}}^{2}·\text{K} [/latex]
Speed [latex] \nu [/latex] m/s m/s
Temperature T kelvin K
Time t second s
Torque [latex] \overset{\to }{\tau } [/latex] [latex] \text{N}·\text{m} [/latex] [latex] \text{kg}·{\text{m}}^{2}{\text{/s}}^{2} [/latex]
Velocity [latex] \overset{\to }{v} [/latex] m/s m/s
Volume V m3 m3
Wavelength [latex] \lambda [/latex] m m
Work W [latex] \text{joule}(\text{J})=(\text{N}·\text{m}) [/latex] [latex] \text{kg}·{\text{m}}^{2}{\text{/s}}^{2} [/latex]