Assignment: Strategizing for Sun City Boards


Remember Sun City Boards, which you read about in the Why It Matters and Putting It Together sections of the Planning and Mission module? In this assignment, we’ll return to Sun City Boards and the management challenges its owner, Tom Wilson, faces. You’ll advise Tom on strategic management steps he and Sun City Boards should take to develop and implement their new strategy.

The Environments and Strategic Management module of your text introduced several strategic planning tools to use at different stages of the strategic management process. As an advisor for Sun City Boards, your assignment is to select one of the strategic management tools described in the reading, explain how it works, and explain why it will be of value to Sun City Boards. The following steps will help you prepare for your written assignment:

  1. Thoroughly read the Environments and Strategic Management module.
  2. Carefully consider the tools described in the reading to assist with the Objectives and Analysis step of the strategic management process.
  3. Select one of the analysis tools to explain to Tom Wilson.

Your Task

Write a three-paragraph essay describing your chosen tool and why you selected it.  Your essay must include three properly referenced and defined terms from the module reading.  For example, if you select SWOT Analysis, you could include the definitions of each letter. Answer and address the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of the tool? What conclusions will it help Sun City Boards draw?
  • How does the tool work? How does it measure the relevant factors, or how does it derive importance from them?
  • How will your selected tool align with other strategic steps in the process? In other words, when the analysis leads you to a conclusion, how will you use the conclusion in the next step?
  • What specifically does the tool NOT address?

In addition to the text, you are encouraged to research your tool using reliable and properly cited Internet resources. You may also draw from your personal work experience with appropriate examples to support your references.


Your written assignment will be graded using the Written Assignment Rubric. Please review and keep it in mind as you prepare your assignment. Each component is weighted as follows:

10% Organization and Format

Adequate: Writing is coherent and logically organized, using a format suitable for the material presented. Transitions used between ideas and paragraphs create coherence. Overall unity of ideas is supported by the format and organization of the material presented.

40% Content

Adequate: All required questions are addressed with thoughtful consideration reflecting both proper use of content terminology and additional original thought. Some additional concepts are presented from properly cited sources, or originated by the author following logic and reasoning they’ve clearly presented throughout the writing.

40% Development – Critical Thinking

Adequate: Content indicates original thinking, cohesive conclusions, and developed ideas with sufficient and firm evidence. Ideas presented are not merely the opinion of the writer, and clearly address all of the questions or requirements asked with evidence presented to support conclusions drawn.

10% Grammar, Mechanics, Style

Adequate: Writing is free of spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors, allowing the reader to follow ideas clearly. There are no sentence fragments and run-ons. The style of writing, tone, and use of rhetorical devices is presented in a cohesive style that enhances the content of the message.