We’re so glad that you’re working to expand the wide world of OER Calculus materials.

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Lumen Courses

Lumen offers several template courses that can serve as starting points for your own development. You can mix, match, and adapt anything from the courses below quite easily.

When you click the link for full MOM courses, please use guest as the username, no password is required.




Applied Calculus – Calway/ Hoffman  Full MOM course, online homework,
An openly licensed applied calculus textbook, covering derivatives, integrals, and an intro to multivariable calculus. This book is heavily remixed from Dale Hoffman’s Contemporary Calculus textbook, and retains the same conceptual focus from that text.
License: Creative Commons Attribution. This license is considered to be some to be the most open license since it is the least restrictive. It allows reuse, remixing, and distribution (including commercial), only requiring attribution. The content can be remixed into content of other license, but on the other hand it allows the remix to be put under a more restrictive license.


  • DOC. A DOC file can be opened using Microsoft Word or It is an editable format
  • PDF. A Portable Document Format (PDF) file is can be opened using the free Acrobat Reader. It is not an editable format.
Contemporary Calculus – Hoffman  Full MOM course, online homework, forums, video support

Many of these materials were developed for the Open Course Library Project of the Washington State Colleges as part of a Gates Foundation grant. The goal of this project was to create materials that would be FREE (on the web) to anyone who wanted to use or modify them (and not have to pay $200 for a calculus book). They have been used by several thousand students.

The textbook sections, in color, are available free in pdf format at the bottom of this page.
Printed versions, in B&W, are available for Calculus I (chapters 0-3), II (chapters 4-8), and III (chapters 9-11) for about $18 each at
Alternate printed versions reformatted in LaTex are available at and or free online at


ATD Information

This section provides support for faculty and course developers involved with the Achieving the Dream OER Degree Initiative.

Collaboration Meetings

Lumen is hosting Collaboration meetings to help bring faculty together as they work on developing their courses. The next meeting for College Math will be on Friday October 21 at 10:00am PT/1:00pm ET. Meetings are hosted in Uber Conference. The meeting can be found at or you can call in at 1-503-715-2599.  You will benefit more from the collaboration if you join from your computer, but it is not required. No PIN is needed to join the call.

You will find a log of our past meetings here.