Communication and Speech Websites

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The following is a list of websites with useful information related to Communication and Speech Studies.

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National Communication Association  advances Communication as the discipline that studies all forms, modes, media, and consequences of communication through humanistic, social scientific, and aesthetic inquiry. NCA provides its members with a wealth of data about the Communication discipline.

Communiction Studies-The #1 Resource for the Communication Field

The Communication Process-The Communication Process was developed as a resource for students, business pros, and just about anyone else who wants to become a more effective communicator by learning and understanding what is happening with all of these messages

Better Communication Results-Resource of Communication articles.

 American Communication Association is committed to enabling the effective use of new and evolving technologies to facilitate communication instruction, research, and criticism, and to offering a technologically supportive venue for all who study the ways in which humans communicate. While the Association is based in the United States, it is a virtual organization that welcomes participation from academics and professionals throughout the world.

International Communication Association is an academic association for scholars interested in the study, teaching and application of all aspects of human and mediated communication.

Eastern Communication Association is a professional organization of scholars, teachers, and students of Communication Studies. The ECA was initially established in 1910 and continues as the oldest professional communication association in the United States.

Western States Communication Association is a not-for-profit educational association of scholars, teachers, and students of communication with over 1,000 members from around the globe.

International Listening Association-The International Listening Association (ILA) was formed in 1979. Since then, we have grown into an international community working in more than 19 countries. We are involved in listening in education, business, healthcare, hospitality, spirituality, music and many other fields. We promote the study of listening, exchange information, and pursue research into the ways in which listening can develop understanding in our personal, political, social and working lives. The International Listening Association serves as a dialogue space, a resource network, a news source and a worldwide community.

International Journal of Journalism & Mass Communicationis an international peer-reviewed journal devoted towards journal & mass communication. All the articles published under IJJMC, include high-quality papers, which cover all the major field journalism & mass communication. IJJMC keeps updating day-to-day research & development to the scientific niche around the world. The journal publishes original articles, commentary, editorials, letters to the editor, review articles and case report describing original research in the fields of communication and media studies.

Vital Speeches of the Day is a monthly collection of the best speeches in the world. It’s also a lot more than that. The magazine was launched in 1934 on the old-fashioned premise that “it is indeed vital to the welfare of the nation that important, constructive addresses by recognized leaders in both the public and private sectors be permanently recorded and disseminated—both to ensure that readers gain a sound knowledge of public questions and to provide models of excellence in contemporary oratory.”

American Rhetoric-Top 100 Speeches is a Database of and index to 5000+ full text, audio and video versions of public speeches, sermons, legal proceedings, lectures, debates, interviews, other recorded media events, and a declaration or two.

Rhetoric, Professional Communication, and Globalization-This Journal publishes articles on the theory, practice, and teaching of professional communication in critical global contexts. Articles can take a variety of forms, including formal empirical studies, illustrative case studies, book, software, and academic program review, and curriculum development. The Journal is primarily cross-cultural, concentrating on how professionals from a variety of cultural and rhetorical traditions communicate with each other across a range of contexts using various communication media. is a free online community where intelligent minds from around the world come to debate online and read the opinions of others. Research today’s most controversial debate topics and cast your vote in our opinion polls.

iDebateInternational Debate Education Association-We are a global Network of organisations who educates people in debate in order to give young people a voice for their ideas. Young people have a lot to say; debating provides a platform for them to speak up and be heard in a safe and structured environment.

ProConThe Leading Source for Pros & Cons of Controversial Issues

Association for Business Communication is an international, interdisciplinary organization committed to advancing business communication research, education, and practice.

Skills you Need-Here at SkillsYouNeed you’ll find lots of articles designed to help you understand and improve your communication skills.

Dale Carnegie Training (Free e-books)-As a global thought leader in workplace training and development Dale Carnegie Training produces guidebooks.  The guidebooks provide you with useful tips to be more effective in the workplace. 

The Muse (Communication Articles-Career and Jobs)-Learn how to communicate with your boss, communicate with your co-workers, be great at public speaking, and more.

Toastmasters International is a world leader in communication and leadership development. Our organization has more than 345,000 memberships. Members improve their speaking and leadership skills by attending one of the 15,900 clubs in 142 countries that make up our global network of meeting locations.  The world needs leaders. Leaders head families, coach teams, run businesses and mentor others. These leaders must not only accomplish, they must communicate. By regularly giving speeches, gaining feedback, leading teams and guiding others to achieve their goals in a supportive atmosphere, leaders emerge from the Toastmasters program.

Gifts of Speech is a non-profit project dedicated to preserving and creating access to speeches by inspirational, influential and contemporary women from around the world.

Free Monthly Speaking Tips from Lenny Laskowski Lenny Laskowski is an international professional speaker and an expert on presentation skills and related topics.

Linguistic Society of America -The Linguistic Society of America (LSA) was founded in 1924 to advance the scientific study of language. LSA plays a critical role in supporting and disseminating linguistic scholarship both to professional linguists and to the general public.

Paul Eckman Group (Study of Micro expressions).All around the globe, we express the same seven universal emotions. They include: anger, fear, sadness, disgust, surprise, contempt, and happiness. Learn the universal language of micro expressions to gain insight into the world of emotions. 

Journal of Intercultural Communication-The goal of the journal is to promote research but also education and training in the area of intercultural communication

Communication and Culture Online-a free-access double-blind peer-reviewed electronic journal whose aim is to promote different ideas in the fields of linguistics, literature, communication, culture and similar fields.


Websites useful in the study of Communication Disorders

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association-Making effective communication, a human right, accessible and achievable for all.

National Rehabilitation Information Center is a gateway to an abundance of disability- and rehabilitation-oriented information organized in a variety of formats designed to make it easy for users to find and use. Since 1977, NARIC staff members have been dedicated to providing direct, personal, and high-quality information services to anyone throughout the country. As a leader in providing interactive information to the disability and rehabilitation community, NARIC’s Web site continues this tradition by putting the information into the hands of the users through online publications, searchable databases, and timely reference and referral data.

National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorder . It is estimated that more than 46 million people in the United States suffer some form of disordered communication. The NIDCD has focused national attention on disorders of human communication and has contributed to advances in biomedical and behavioral research that will improve the lives of millions of individuals with communication disorders. 

Net Connections for Communication Disorders and Sciences. The Internet provides access to many valuable resources for professionals and students in communication disorders and sciences as well as for persons with communication disabilities and those who are part of their lives.

National Aphasia Association has been providing information and support to people with aphasia and their caregivers for over twenty-five years

Autism Speaks is dedicated to promoting solutions, across the spectrum and throughout the lifespan, for the needs of individuals with autism and their families through advocacy and support; increasing understanding and acceptance of people with autism spectrum disorder; and advancing research into causes and better interventions for autism spectrum disorder and related conditions.Autism Speaks enhances lives today and is accelerating a spectrum of solutions for tomorrow.

International Phonetic Association is the major as well as the oldest representative organization for phoneticians. It was established in 1886 in Paris. 2016 marks the 130th anniversary of the founding of the IPA, and 2013 marked the 125th anniversary of the first publication of the International Phonetic Alphabet and the formulation of the principles. The aim of the IPA is to promote the scientific study of phonetics and the various practical applications of that science. In furtherance of this aim, the IPA provides the academic community worldwide with a notational standard for the phonetic representation of all languages.