Additional Public Speaking and Communication Resources

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50 Communications Activities, Icebreakers,and Exercises
Peter R. Garber

Additional Offerings

Beyond what’s already hosted inside the Lumen platform, many OER collections contain useful material for Public Speaking and Communication courses. If you have suggestions to add here, please share on the Lumen Community Slack Channel.

Title Source License  Notes
Communications Boundless CC BY SA
The Public Speaking Project The Public Speaking Project CC BY NC ND
  • this is the foundation text for Lumen’s template course, Principles of Public Speaking
  • website has ancillary materials and quizzes with verified registration, but these materials are NOT openly licensed
International Journal of Journalism and Mass Communication Graphy Publications CC BY
  • Peer-reviewed journal
  • Open access
  • all articles published with open licensing
Public Speaking: The ACA Open Knowledge Online Guide American Communication Association CC BY NC ND
  • complete textbook that has since been taken offline. The open license on it means it can still be used, however.
  • The first chapter (0f 13) is linked here. Please contact us if you would like access to the remaining sections for review.