Practice Activities: Personal Pronouns

Determining Person

In the following sentences, determine the person for each pronoun:

  1. Don’t forget to give Marieke her keys.
  2. Itzel and Camila were the top ranking doubles team at OSU. They hadn’t been defeated all year.
  3. You will need three things in order to be successful: determination, discipline, and dexterity.

Classifying Pronouns

In the following sentences, identify the person, case, and number of each pronoun:

  1. Even though he knew he might regret it, Dirron decided to let himself ignore his responsibilities for a day.
  2. Elena knew she should have spent more time on homework this semester, but binge-watching TV had tripped her up again and again.
  3. Next Saturday, I have to take all three of my little sisters to the zoo. It’s certainly going to be an ordeal.

Possessive Forms

In each sentence, select the correct possessive pronoun. Identify why you selected the pronoun you did:

  1. Eloá was positive that it was (her / hers) pie that I was eating.
  2. I was sure it was (my/ mine).
  3. Jake and Suren refused to give (their / theirs) opinions on the subject.

Choosing the Right Pronoun

In each sentence, fill in the blank with the correct pronoun. Identify why you selected the pronoun you did:

  1. André told me that it was ___ box of cereal, but I couldn’t remember having bought ___.
  2. Amelia and Ajani still haven’t arrived. I should make sure ___ texted ___.
  3. You shouldn’t be so worried about what other people think. The only person ___ need to please is ___.
  4. George Washington was the first president of the United States. ___ set the standard of only serving two terms of office. However, ___ wasn’t illegal to serve over two terms until 1951.