Practice Activities: Verbs

Verb Types

Read the following sentences. In each sentence, identify the active, linking, and helping verbs.

  1. Guilherme should arrive in the next three minutes.
  2. The buffet looked delicious as we walked by.
  3. Harper couldn’t afford another missed assignment.
  4. Pietra has an extensive rock collection. She is particularly proud of her obsidian samples.

Non-Finite Verbs

As you read the following passage, identify the different non-finite verbs and their roles in the text.

The Australian magpie is a medium-size black and white bird native to Australia. Feeding magpies is a common practice among households around the country, and there generally is a peaceful co-existence. However, in the spring a small minority of breeding magpies (almost always males) become aggressive and swoop and attack passersby. Being unexpectedly swooped while cycling can result in loss of control of the bicycle, which may cause injury. Cyclists can deter attack by attaching a long pole with a flag to a bike. Using cable ties on helmets has become common as well, and it appears to be an effective deterrent.

Simple Tenses to Advanced Tenses

Follow the instructions in each item:

  1. Convert this sentence from a simple tense to a continuous tense: Calebe will file a complaint against the city.
  2. Convert this sentence from a simple tense to a perfect tense: Cecília swore to never again eat another slice of carrot cake.
  3. Convert this sentence from a simple tense to a perfect continuous tenses: Avi sings with his friends at least once a week.