Assignment: Dragon Genetics

Begin this assessment by downloading the Modern Genetics simulator (links to an external site) from

Run the simulation and complete the exercises in it. While doing so, gather answers to these questions. Take screenshots as directed; save each screenshot as its own document. You will then complete the quiz entitled “C10: Dragon Genetics” to submit your answers and upload your documents. (Download the quiz file here.)

Please note the following:

  • The questions in the document are broken down by parts in the simulator; this is to help you as you move through the exercise. They are not separated this way in the quiz but they will follow the same order.
  • When performing your pedigree crosses, if you obtain offspring of a single sex, simply repeat the exact same parental cross to get more offspring. Do this until you have at least one of each sex in that generation.

Here is a worked example showing a screenshot and required text explanation.