Assignment: Wanda’s Business-Ownership Options


Wanda is concerned that if she grows the business, she may take on more financial and personal responsibility than she is comfortable with.

Your Task

  1. Prepare a chart showing the forms of business ownership Wanda could adopt for Salty Pawz as she expands. For each type of ownership, you need to provide the advantages and disadvantages of each option as they relate to Wanda’s businesses.
  2. After having explored the advantages and disadvantages of each form of ownership, which form would you recommend for Wanda and Salty Pawz, and why?
  3. Lastly, if Wanda decides she wants the two friends she works with to become more formally involved in ownership of the business, does that change the advice you gave her in part (b) above. If so, how? If it does not affect your advice to her, then why not?

Grading Rubric


Not Evident








Prepare a chart showing Wanda the forms of ownership she could adopt for Salty Pawz as she expands the business. 18
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each ownership option. 18
Explain your recommendation for the Salty Pawz form of ownership with supporting evidence. 18
Explain the implications of formally adding additional people as owners of Salty Pawz. 18
Discuss the impact of adding additional owners to Salty Pawz on your advice for ownership options. 18
Articulation of response (citations, grammar, spelling, syntax, or organization that negatively impact readability and articulation of main ideas). 10
Total: 100%